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Image by Ardian Lumi
Image by Michael Kucharski


Basic / Beginners Salsa Cuban Class

Rueda Style (do le que no/guapea/enchufela) so that you can dance on the music together.


Joanna Simon Bigart

Born in the US, grew up in Strasbourg near Germany, I have been in Israel for close to 16 years (time flies!). I came to Israel as an MA student in Jerusalem, started working for Gvahim and other NGOs and in parallel, started dancing salsa at Media Noche. Media Noche is a place where you can learn salsa for free in a nice community fun ambiance. Salsa, first as a student and later on as a teacher, allowed me to improve my Hebrew skills and meet all the long term Israeli friends I still am close with, it allowed to develop my teaching skills in Hebrew and above all made me socially integrate I to the Israeli society. I taught Cuban salsa at the Tel Aviv municipality to olim Hadashim for about 4 years so that they do could integrate into the society, meet Israelis and speak Hebrew, just like I did. I teach in Hebrew but depending if the audience, I do throw in English or other languages if relevant (not Turkish yet, working on it 🙃).

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